November Net Worth Update

Hello readers, welcome back! I am adding some more accounts this go around to give a better picture of our financial situation. The rent account was created because we have to pay our rent in a different currency then dollars. I usually exchange the money by using a local ATM that charges no conversion fee and deposit it into the rent account. If you start to following this blog you will notice our rent is very high almost $2100 a month depending on the rate at the time. That is due to the conversion rate and we are compensated 100% by my husbands employer for our rent. Therefore, I try not to geek at the number every time I see it :-/

Our investment income was over 2k for the last half of the month but most of that was just getting back what we lost in the beginning of the month.

You can click on the link to see a cleaner copy of our net worth breakdown. I am still trying to figure wordpress out. Thank you for stopping by!


Assets    Oct 15th Assets Difference Oct15- Nov 1st Our Additions Investment Income
Rent Account 1193.6
Misc 599
House Fund 61810.7 58796 3014.7 3000
E Fund 14807.45 14807
Checking 2744
CD1 3093.17
CD2 3100.18
Fidelity 5739.91 5227 512.91 512.91
Mutual 1 3798.91 3533 265.91 50 215.91
Mutual 2 1551.37 1474 77.37 50 27.37
College 1 5305.25
College 2 5741.5
College 3 498.38
My Roth 7809.4 7137 672.4 100 572.4
Spouses 18889.84 17737.21 1152.63 270 882.63
Credit Card -912.37
Investment Gains $2,211.22
Nov 1st Net Worth $135,770.01



2 thoughts on “November Net Worth Update

  1. I love that you have almost no debt. Military families often take risk in debt because of the stable paycheck. But with the current economic environment, “stable” is not really true anymore. A lot of people with excessive debt will be on hard times if any stability is taken away. Great job! I look forward to tracking your progress.


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