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I am so excited to announce that today I am featured on a blog “Budget Loving Military Wife”. If you would like to read more about me check it out HERE!!!  Please and thank you 🙂


2014 in Review

So, today I was thinking about the past years increase in our net worth and decided to compare each account. The difference over all from the end of 2013 to 2014 our net worth increased a whopping $35,260!!!! That is pretty amazing. I hope this year we can be just as successful. We have less of an income but more of a focus this year so we are reaching for the stars! We have more of a focus on our house fund this year hoping to increase it to $75,000 that is a savings goal of about 1k a month just for the house fund alone. Every month we have $670 automatically transferred between our retirement, investment, and college accounts. All this savings while trying to see the world…this should be interesting 🙂


January 1st 2015 Net Worth

Our net worth is up almost $1,000 not to bad for having a net loss of (78.60) on our investments. 🙂  My new goal for 2015 is to track our monthly expenses at the end of each month to keep us accountable. For the month of January the plan is to not spend money on anything but the bills and necessities. I have put some illustrations below for a better picture.

We are also wanting to start traveling this year but we have yet to decide where. My goal is to at least see 3 countries (France, , ) and we have just started saving for these vacations so we don’t have to dip into our house fund.


January Net Worth 2015