House Fund

Lately, I have been going back and forth with what to do with our house fund. Should we leave it in savings earning .30% a year or put it in a 24 month CD at a rate of 1.30% ??? We may use it in about 3 years but definitely not for this next 2.5 years so I know the stock market is just out of the question. I posted illustrations of the difference between the savings account and the CD. Any suggestions? What would you do if you were in my shoes?

Your Savings is worth $60,360.54 after 2 years.






2 thoughts on “House Fund

  1. Have you considered a money market account? You should be able to get 1% and then your money isn’t tied up into a CD, just in case interest rates increase (fingers crossed LOL) then you could get a better rate CD at that point. Just an idea 🙂


    • Hey, I have looked at money market accounts and the best rate is 1% at Able Banking which I have never heard of lol. I prefer just sticking with the couple of banks we already have open. I have been thinking interest rates would increase in the near future but we only have a 2 year window and I’d rather be making anything more then our .30% :-/


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