April 2nd 2015 Net Worth

I can’t believe it’s Spring time! Man this year is just flying by and I can’t wait for the weather to get better! So our investments didn’t do too good but we are still working our way up to $150,000 which we should hit as soon as we get our tax return back. We are getting back $4,330 in federal and around $670 in state. We have decided to put all of the state return in my Roth IRA and the federal we are splitting among the kids college accounts. We’ll still have 2,330 after that and are undecided if we should add it to the house fund or to our car fund? Technically, the 2 CD’s we have which equal around $6,200 is for a newish car and I think we should add to that because in a┬ácouple of years when we move home we’ll need to buy one but on the other hand my husband thinks we should just add it to the house fund. Any suggestions?