June 1st Net Worth

Our net worth is up $2,938.17! Which is awesome considering we cash flowed $145 for a ferry, $400 for our last vacation, and $970 for our sons visa (which we will get reimbursed for). Of course when we get reimbursed that money will go straight into our house fund πŸ™‚ . My husband is contributing $17.7 more each month into his roth due to a raise and I am contributing $150 instead of $100. I also took my state tax return of $691 and transferred it in full straight to my roth account! Check out our results below! Thanks for stopping by my financial diary.



3 thoughts on “June 1st Net Worth

    • Thank you, Nichole! We have some very low months ahead of us with vacations and vehicle taxes coming due so trying to save as much as we can for the next couple of months. We really need different sinking funds like you have! Maybe we will try to start one up again!


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