Net Worth March 2016

The stock market is still a bit rough only gained $3,540.11 in our net worth although we saved $8k :-/

We decided to purchase Florida prepaid for our 3 year old daughter in February. The 2 year community college plan was about $6k cheaper than purchasing the first 2 years at a University, so no brainier we went with that option. We are planning to buy the next 2 years one at a time. Each year runs about $7,217 for her. I am hoping we will be able to pay for her 1st year at a University by the time she is 7 yrs old. Our son has $3,511 saved and he is 1 yrs old so hoping by the time he is 3 we can also buy his first 2 years of colleges.

Below is a snap shot of our income and expenses for January and February. We spent almost $5k on vacations that we will be taking in June and September. In June we are going on a Mediterranean cruise leaving out of Barcelona, Spain and in September we are taking our daughter to Disney Paris for her 4th birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ Super excited about both trips!

Note: Income/expenses is from January/February

financialHere is a quick snapshot of our March 1st, 2016 Net Worth



January Budget Review

During the month of January we stuck pretty closely to the budget and decreased our grocery bill significantly. In the previous months we were spending any where from $500-$650 a month on groceries! The difference is we started shopping at Aldi! We have 2 kids in diapers and we save $30 on diapers alone by buying them at Aldi.


I also made a fancy circle graph to illustrate where our money went in more detail. We saved and invested a whopping 40% of our income!! Hopefully we can keep these kinds of numbers up for the rest ย of the year ๐Ÿ™‚

January Cash Flow (Click on graph to enlarge)