March 2017 Net Worth

We finally hit $200k net worth in February! Soon our cash balance is going to change drastically because we are buying a home. We are putting 20% down on the house plus it’s a fixer upper. I am planning to track all our housing expenses on this blog as well as trying to pay the house off as fast as we can.



Notes: I shifted some investment around for tax year 2016. I moved $1200 from the Fidelity account into my Roth.



2016 in Review

Our net worth increased by $24,165 in 2016.  Our total take home pay including our tax return was $72,424.88. So we ended up saving 33.37% of our annual pay. Not to shabby! Last year we saved a whopping 36.5% of our income. I think the main reason for the decline in our savings rate was our European cruise.

*Please note I removed the car fund since that is an expense account


2015 in Review

Wow, 2015 went by really fast. We traveled around Southern England, France, Belgium, Germany, and Austria this year. Even with all the traveling, living off one income, and the arrival of our baby boy we still managed to save  $ 26,028.15!!

Take home pay $71,201.47

Rent (estimated) $23,850  We get an allowance for our rent and it’s use or loose. The amount is estimated because it’s in a different currency which varys daily.

Take home pay (minus) rent= $47,351.47 we saved 55% of our take home pay after rent 🙂

We saved 36.5% of our total take home pay!




May 1st Net Worth

I am excited to announce that we hit our June house fund goal of $70,000 early!! We not only hit our goal we exceeded it by $1,000!!! We got our federal tax return back which we decided to split between the kids college funds and our house fund 🙂 I decided to remove both checking accounts from the net worth since they are used for this months bills anyways. So, here is the final breakdown.