May 2016 Net Worth

This is going to be short and sweet because we are heading to Scotland in the morning! I am glad the stock market is finally heading in the right direction!!!




Hello all! So, I have been wanting to do this experiment since moving overseas. I hang dry all our laundry except for the towels because they get all hard and not pleasant to use when getting out of a nice hot shower :-/ My friends all think I’m nuts because hanging clothes to dry in the states just isn’t the norm but I prefer trying to minimize our bills. I started staying home when we moved here and I think I have several jobs the main one is of course to care for our little ones, than keep the place clean, and minimize our expenses. I minimize them by cooking most of our meals and hanging the clothes to dry.

So, onto the experiment…. I basically logged the times, the meter readings, and kept what I was using in the house constant (tv on, desktop on, …) for the two hours it took to dry the one load of laundry. Yes! Two very long hours it’s ridiculous! Anyways, back to my findings. I found that when the dryer was on we used 4 kWh more than when the dryer wasn’t running for two hours. We pay 9.712 pence (currency is in pounds) a kWh which is 38.85 pence for each load of laundry if I do 5 loads of laundry a week and dry them all that would cost us 101.01 pounds a year and with today’s’ exchange rate of 1.42 that would equal $143.43 just to dry our clothes! When I first calculated the 38.83 pence a load I thought “Wow, maybe I should just use the dryer for now on”. Until, I calculated the yearly cost. I don’t think using the dryer is worth $143 a year I would prefer to do something else with that money. In conclusion, I’m going to stick with hang drying our clothes.

Net Worth April 2016

This month is looking a little better than the last few but we still have a ways to go before our investments are in the green. Our house fund goal is to have $92,000 before the end of this year. We need to save roughly $960 a month for the next 9 months which I believe is achievable but it will be a challenge with our vacations coming up. I find that being so into the month to month numbers makes things a bit stressful. Life and finances really is a balancing act and I’m always trying to find equilibrium.


Net Worth March 2016

The stock market is still a bit rough only gained $3,540.11 in our net worth although we saved $8k :-/

We decided to purchase Florida prepaid for our 3 year old daughter in February. The 2 year community college plan was about $6k cheaper than purchasing the first 2 years at a University, so no brainier we went with that option. We are planning to buy the next 2 years one at a time. Each year runs about $7,217 for her. I am hoping we will be able to pay for her 1st year at a University by the time she is 7 yrs old. Our son has $3,511 saved and he is 1 yrs old so hoping by the time he is 3 we can also buy his first 2 years of colleges.

Below is a snap shot of our income and expenses for January and February. We spent almost $5k on vacations that we will be taking in June and September. In June we are going on a Mediterranean cruise leaving out of Barcelona, Spain and in September we are taking our daughter to Disney Paris for her 4th birthday 🙂 Super excited about both trips!

Note: Income/expenses is from January/February

financialHere is a quick snapshot of our March 1st, 2016 Net Worth


Congratulations, You are now in DEBT!




 Why is it when people go into debt buying a new car or a new house everyone is congratulating them??? Congratulations you just bought something you couldn’t afford and are now going to shell out thousands of dollars on interest! Today, I posted on my wall, yes my Facebook wall that my husband and I paid for our 3 year old daughter’s first 2 years of college. Do you think we got one congratulations? Nope, not one. People liked it, people questioned it, but not one congratulations. I would think saving up for a kids college fund takes a lot more effort than getting a loan for a car or a house. I am a bit baffled. I think back to 2012 when we bought our brand new car (btw with cash and no I wouldn’t do it again) and everyone was “congratulations!!”, “wow, nice ride”. Why is this? Why are people excited when their friends go into debt but not excited for their friends responsible actions? 

  Now, please don’t think I wrote the Facebook post looking for a “congratulations” because I didn’t. I was simply sharing a happy moment with friends and family. This finding just so happened to be a side effect of it all. I just don’t think I’ll ever understand the way most people think. In all honesty, I think it’s for the better.

2015 in Review

Wow, 2015 went by really fast. We traveled around Southern England, France, Belgium, Germany, and Austria this year. Even with all the traveling, living off one income, and the arrival of our baby boy we still managed to save  $ 26,028.15!!

Take home pay $71,201.47

Rent (estimated) $23,850  We get an allowance for our rent and it’s use or loose. The amount is estimated because it’s in a different currency which varys daily.

Take home pay (minus) rent= $47,351.47 we saved 55% of our take home pay after rent 🙂

We saved 36.5% of our total take home pay!




November 1st 2015 Net Worth

This month was great for our investments up over $3k from last month!!! Can’t wait to hit over $160,000 :-). We are $3,711,89 away from our house fund goal of $80,000. That is a savings rate of $1,855.95 for the next 2 months. That is very tight especially with Christmas, family photos, and my babies birthday. I can’t stress about it so if we don’t make it we just don’t make it. It really isn’t the end of the world!