I decided to start posting about our travels and the cost while we are living here in the UK.

We recently went on a 4 day vacation around the south of England.  Here is a cost breakdown and pictures along with my thoughts!

The White Cliffs of Dover– $10.25


Amazing!!! We had great weather but it was very windy!! We paid $5.25 for parking and around $5.00 for our magnet. We choose to buy a magnet at each location as a souvenir since it is small and easy to pack up and move.


Salisbury Hotel– $87.34

The hotel was built-in the 1890’s and has not been kept up very well but on a positive note it was on the English Channel and our room had a spectacular view!

Dover Castle– We are English Heritage members which cost us $132.00 for a 15 month membership this castle would have cost us around 35 pounds which is around $53.


The best thing about this Medieval castle was the underground war tunnels that went into the White Cliffs. We toured 2 of them; 1 was used as a hospital and the other was the living quarters of over 3,000 men during World War II.

We then drove to a Holiday Inn located right off M3 in Fleet, UK. This ran us $61.04 for the night and it was very clean.

The next day we woke up and drove to Stonehenge, Bath, and Chedder Gorge.

Stonehenge– Again we have the English Heritage membership but if we didn’t it would have run us roughly $42


Bath was nice we walked around the shops and ended up eating at TGI Fridays which of course is not to adventurous for Americans but hey we miss American food!!

Chedder Gorge– We just drove through Chedder Gorge and took some pictures.


Wookey Hole Hotel in Wells, UK- $107.42 which included dinner. It was very clean but the food wasn’t anything to brag about. Well’s on the other hand was beautiful and the cathedral there was breath-taking!

Gas, magnets, and food ran us about $235


The trip ran us right around $490.80 not to shabby 🙂


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