One year later….

This month marks 1 year of keeping track of our finances month to month. We have increased our net worth by $33,117.41! WOW! I am really shocked looking at that number! I remember the day when I thought $1,000 was a huge amount to have in savings and now here we are, up $33k from last October!

We paid ourselves $27,391.71 on 1 income of $77,000 with rent of about $22,800 coming out of that. I mention the rent because we get a specific amount for rent while living overseas and it is use or loose. So finding a cheaper house wouldn’t have saved us anymore money 😦 So after rent our income is about $54,000 and we saved half of that! I am just amazed to say the least 🙂

Please note we live in a country where the dollar is worth about .65 to 1

Here is the breakdown:



October 2015 Net Worth

Wow! We just can’t out save this market. It really has our net worth dropping each month.

In September we went on a vacation driving from the UK all the way to Austria so that is why our savings in the house fund was only $250. We spent roughly $1400 on travel and $405 on car tax!

I am hoping we can save $1700 a month for the next 3 months so we can hit our $80,000 but we have one more large expense. In October, the Florida prepaid comes out with the cost of their 2-year plan which we plan on purchasing with the college1 account. Last year the cost was $8,242.36 which we are a little over a thousand short of. I am guessing this years cost will be a tad higher but hopefully I am wrong.