Hello all! So, I have been wanting to do this experiment since moving overseas. I hang dry all our laundry except for the towels because they get all hard and not pleasant to use when getting out of a nice hot shower :-/ My friends all think I’m nuts because hanging clothes to dry in the states just isn’t the norm but I prefer trying to minimize our bills. I started staying home when we moved here and I think I have several jobs the main one is of course to care for our little ones, than keep the place clean, and minimize our expenses. I minimize them by cooking most of our meals and hanging the clothes to dry.

So, onto the experiment…. I basically logged the times, the meter readings, and kept what I was using in the house constant (tv on, desktop on, …) for the two hours it took to dry the one load of laundry. Yes! Two very long hours it’s ridiculous! Anyways, back to my findings. I found that when the dryer was on we used 4 kWh more than when the dryer wasn’t running for two hours. We pay 9.712 pence (currency is in pounds) a kWh which is 38.85 pence for each load of laundry if I do 5 loads of laundry a week and dry them all that would cost us 101.01 pounds a year and with today’s’ exchange rate of 1.42 that would equal $143.43 just to dry our clothes! When I first calculated the 38.83 pence a load I thought “Wow, maybe I should just use the dryer for now on”. Until, I calculated the yearly cost. I don’t think using the dryer is worth $143 a year I would prefer to do something else with that money. In conclusion, I’m going to stick with hang drying our clothes.


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  1. Wow, I thought it would be a lot more than $143! Hmm… guess I don’t feel so bad about using the dryer. LOL. I typically let it run for ~45 minutes and then hang dry. I was surprised how little extra time hang drying requires. 🙂 It’s a habit I will probably continue when we move to Hawaii.
    I am impressed that your family of 4 only has 5 loads of laundry in a week! 🙂


    • I just read an article on how expensive energy is in Hawaii! So, hang drying is a good habit to keep up lol. We usually wear our pants a few times, my husband wears only 2 uniforms a week (new undershirts everyday), and we use towels a few times before washing them which helps decrease the loads.:-) I am still impressed with your grocery bill I can’t seem to get mine under $400


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