August 2023 Net Worth

Break down of all the accounts that make up the House/land account minus the emergency fund which does not currently have it’s own account.

-Car and renters insurance cost $1,030 causing a reduction in that account (6/1 net worth had the wrong car insurance amount must have been the available balance that I used)

-Spent money on a mini vacation, flight, down payment for our October trip, and several mini trips with ITT. Some of that money came out the kids account because I was socking my overtime in their account for summer activities.

-We maxed out both of our IBOND accounts

March Net Worth 2022

The Millionaire Next Door
Written by:Thomas J. Stanley, William D. Danko

I have listened to The Millionaire Next Door a few times and this one part really stands out to me because it is exactly what I do. I told my husband the other day that we needed to sit down and write a budget again. I asked him why do we have so much less money now then we use too? He replied because we save more. We save over $5,000 a month. In order to control our spending I have created an artificial economic environment of scarcity for our family. I tell my kids often that we can’t afford it pretty much everyday.

Here’s are March 2022 numbers…

Total saved including $2,800 tax return was $8,207.48.

January 2022 Net Worth

** Boat Fund we eliminated for now and maxed out my husbands 2022 Roth IRA

Happy New Year!!! We finally hit half a million and I feel the exact some way :-). For some reason I guess I thought when we finally hit some magical number I’d feel different but I don’t. Oh well, we are hoping with rising interest rates home prices will fall and when that happens we hope to buy a rental home. Time will tell our predictions haven’t been the best thus far lol.

Here’s a look back at some past January’s.

2022 Goal $600k

They say every 7 years you should be able to double your money. We will see how long it takes us to get to 1 million!

September 2021 Net Worth

In August we relocated to the West coast and were compensated some for it. That compensation we moved to savings. I think we will probably invest it but as always I’m worried the market is at an all time high. I did invest the college 3 fund. It was previously in a 2.5% CD that expired last month so I decide to just throw it into an index fund. I am working on getting my income up and we are going to re-evaluate our budget sometime this month.