2020 in Review

Year 2020 in review we netted $146,884.61 gain in our net worth. The majority of that came from the sale of our flipped house. We made about $112,653 off of it and the other $34,231.61 came from taxes, stimulus, the market, and good old saving every single month.

Here is our net worth from December to January with an increase of $16750.62; $2,400 came from the stimulus package, $5,000 from our escrow, some savings, and the rest of it came from the stock market increase.

December 2020 Net Worth

We SOLD our house!! Here’s the breakdown:

We did pay $36k off the mortgage but I left that out of this chart because we receive a housing allowance that is $2140 our mortgage was $1,300 if we had not bought we would have been paying all our housing allowance out in rent. So we saved that 36,000 only because we purchased the house instead of renting.

Our net worth increased by $83,700 since October that doesn’t account for the $1k prorated insurance and our $5320.11 in escrow. We essentially doubled $100,000k investment which is not reflected here because our net worth in October accounted for the equity we had in the home which was roughly $36,000.

October 2020 Net Worth

This post is a few days late but here it is our net worth is down a bit due to the market. We have decided to put our house on the market and the realtor recommended we list at $375,000 she thinks it will go very quickly. It’ll hit the MLS Monday…I’ve been searching for rental houses so hopefully we can get everything aligned when the time comes.  Maybe if it sells at what she thinks we will end up in the 400k for net worth which would be nice.

My Corona Stock Purchases


We were paying extra on our house but in February and March when the market took a dive I decided to invest some extra money in the stock market. I transferred $1200 over and invested different amounts on different days. As of June 22nd these were my numbers. I made 38.66% on those investments so far it was a wise choice. I plan to keep on eye on it throughout the coming years. I was very nervous about investing in a down market even though that’s what I know should be done. Glad I did it and because I took the chance I’ll be less reluctant the next time the market takes a turn for the worst.